迪士尼 Will Turn 网飞 Into A Bit Player

迪士尼 Will Turn 网飞 Into A Bit Player

迪士尼 Will Turn 网飞 Into A Bit Player

The emergence of several new streaming services is bad news for 网飞, Stan and other incumbent streaming platforms. And as traditional TV networks slowly get their ducks in a row, we might be at the beginning of the end of having one streaming powerhouse that delivers most of what we want.

A number of significant content agreements with 网飞 have come to an end or have changed. We saw 迪士尼 do a deal with Stan that delivered a bunch of Marvel, 迪士尼 and Star Wars movies to the local streaming service. So what does this mean for 网飞?

New streamers will hammer 网飞

迪士尼 will be launching its streaming service, 迪士尼+, later this year and a bunch of content will start to leave other services that have licensed movies and TV shows from the House of Mouse.

迪士尼’的市场力量将是巨大的。它拥有Marvel和Star Wars的专营权,以及数十年的卡通,电视节目和电影。然后那边’最新的真人/ CGI重制经典动画,所有这些都被证明非常受欢迎。

迪士尼 Will Turn 网飞 Into A Bit Player

Throw in its recent acquisition of Fox and you can see why 网飞 will be concerned. It now has a direct rival with deep pockets, control over a massive slab of popular, existing content and the production capability to produce whatever the heck it wants –包括基于上述特许经营权的原创节目。

Oh, and 迪士尼+ is going to cost around half as much as 网飞, based on the announced US pricing. An annual subscription is expected to cost around $100 here. (Depending on the plan you choose, 网飞 can currently set you back up to $216 per year.)

The CW which produces series such as Riverdale, The Flash and the classic Buffy and Angel series, has a content deal with 网飞 but that will be ending later this year with no plans for renewal. That’s more content that will disappear from 网飞’s catalogue.

DC Universe于今年早些时候在美国推出,这意味着来自该工作室的电影和电视节目将因其在全球范围内的扩张而不再获得与竞争对手服务的许可。


It’s interesting to note that old school TV 车站 are also catching up to 网飞. One of our favourite shows, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is on 网飞 but lags behind SBS. So, while 网飞 is handy to watch old episode, we’我们已经选择了SBS流媒体服务来观看节目’s recent output.

十家公司最近推出了流媒体服务,十家公司推出了全功能’s still very new, it’这标志着随着高级内容从当前流媒体服务转移而来的情况。十’的优点是’由美国网络CBS拥有,因此它可以访问该网络的内容以及本地播放的内容。

在本地,ABC和SBS的服务都做得非常好,通常在通过电视播出之前通过他们的应用播出内容(例如Doctor Who)。


当有线电视到达澳大利亚时,诺言便是无广告电视。而且,有一阵子,我们一直等到Foxtel和Optus Vision的所有者意识到订阅没有’不会像他们希望的那样盈利。

对于订户而言,我们提供的套餐很烂。为了获得我们真正想要的一个或两个渠道,我们最终订阅了一堆我们没有的东西’t need.

流式视频点播世界的美丽之处在于,除非我们开始进行年度订阅(例如,我有一个Amazon Prime服务),否则我们可以选择可以访问的服务。

For example, you can subscribe to 网飞 for three or four months to get the latest episodes of Star Trek: Discovery as they’重新流式传输,然后在一年的剩余时间内暂停您的帐户。或者一旦你’选择了Stan的最新Bloom系列,您可以停止该操作,直到下一个系列到来为止。

迪士尼 Will Turn 网飞 Into A Bit Player



但是,即使您将它们全部保持活动状态,它们的价格也比旧的电缆模型便宜,后者的完整包装每月费用高达150美元。然后您可以选择“stations” you want.


Making predictions is challenging but my feeling is that 网飞 is losing its sheen. Many of my friends (and I know this isn’t a statistically valid sample) are hanging on to 网飞 for just one or two things they like. If those move to other services, they’可能会跟随他们最喜欢的节目。


网飞’其主要作用是其独家编程– but most people would agree that the quality of its original IP is very hit-and-miss. For every Stranger Things and House Of Cards there are a stack of Chelseas and Insatiables. For the most part, the stuff 网飞 produces is somewhere in the middle; watchable rather than “cannot miss”.

迪士尼 Will Turn 网飞 Into A Bit Player

Once 迪士尼+ launches here, probably in early 2020, loyal fans of the MCU, Star Wars and 迪士尼 franchises will shift their allegiance. At first, they’可能会同时提供两种服务,但随着时间的流逝,它们’丢掉他们看最少的那个。

Stan and 网飞 will probably struggle to retain subscribers if, and this is a big if, the local TV 车站 get their act together and stream their content in a convenient and timely way. They have the money to license content (well, whatever is left now that 迪士尼 owns such a massive tranche of the world’s media).

So, the market will see 迪士尼+ as the world’s most subscribed service, with 网飞, Stan and the TV 车站 that get their act together fighting over the scraps.